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    BOOK TWO OF THE LORIEN LEGACIES one of the nine surviving Garde from the planet Lorien, the . I've held for six months, after the last girl who turned. The Power of Six Cover The Power of Six THE POWER OF SIX BOOK TWO OF THE LORIEN LEGACIES PITTACUS LORE The Power of Six. The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies). Read more · The Power Of Ultimate Six Sigma · Read more Design for Six Sigma umsetzen (Pocket Power) · Read more.

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    The Power Of Six Lorien Legacies Pdf

    If you need a the power of six lorien legacies 2 pittacus lore, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that can be downloaded and . Get Instant Access to The Power Of Six (Lorien Legacies) By Pittacus Lore # caa EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online The. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #7ba The Power Of Six (Lorien Legacies Book 2) By Pittacus Lore PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE. (c) - page 1.

    Another alien race, the Mogadorians, wiped out the majority of the Loric, except for those who escaped to Earth. Now the Mogadorians have come to finish the job. Numbers one, two, and three have already been killed, causing three circular brands to appear on the ankles of the remaining Loric. The book is told from the perspective of Number Four, also known as John Smith. John is the next target for the Mogadorians, who must kill the Loric in the order of their numbers. John begins inheriting Legacies, the ancestral right of special Loric known as Garde, and must learn to keep his powers hidden from his human friends. John befriends a human named Sam Goode, whose father happened to have helped the Loriens when they first arrived then later mysteriously disappeared. John goes home to find the website and sees a few pictures of him disappear with a deleted status.

    Known Legacies: Ximic: One of the rarest legacies, it allows the user to copy and master any legacy met. Glacen: In the Fate of Ten he has fire in one hand and ice in the other, may be elemental control.

    Lumen: It is shown he can create fire and light from his hands, controlling it may be elemental control or pyrokenises Miras: Like Nine, he can transfer his abilities as he does so to Loridas Dreynen: He copied Dreynen from Setrakus Ra. Avex: Like Five he learnt how to fly. Chlorokenises: The manipulation of plants, he makes a flower grow out of a bare canyon. Enhancements: Unlike normal Garde, he has enhanced speed, strength and stamina, more so than Lorien garde standards.

    Others: Loridas - Loridas was an Aeternus like Ella and Ra, the Loric to assume the title of Loridas supposedly gave his life to get Ella off Lorien was proven to be a lie told by Crayton, it is unknown who will take the role of Loridas out of the nine Garde. He is an Aeternus like Ella and Loridas, and is the great-grandfather of Ella and grandfather of Raylan. When Lorien is conquered by the Mogadorians, nine Garde children are sent away from their planet to Earth, as well as a tenth being sent separately, and before the original nine are separated, a charm is cast upon them that protects them from harm by the Mogadorians, and ensures that they must be killed in order, one through nine, as long as they are kept apart.

    It is revealed in The Power of Six that they were chosen by Lorien itself to follow in the footsteps of the ten original elders. In The Fallen Legacies, Adamus counts how many of the Garde were boys and girls, but Number One as a ghost finds him and he never reveals how many.

    If nature is left alone to run its course uninterrupted, the ten garde will eventually grow into legacies that will far exceed that of the original ten elders. In the film, One was mentioned but not seen as she died when Number Four was at the age of nine. One was discovered by the Mogadorians as her picture was taken by the police, as well as her ankle mark, after she attempted shoplifting to impress a guy.

    She was known to be rebellious as said by Hilde. She was followed by the Mogadorians to Malaysia, where she met her end. She developed her first legacy, but it was too late as her telekinesis was off and earthquake powers did not last long, because she often skipped training lessons to spend time with Wade, a boy she liked.

    She was killed when a Mogadorian came up from behind and stabbed her with a sword. Her deceased body was taken by the Mogadorian to infiltrate her memories to find any information on the other Garde members. Adamus, the son of a Mogadorian General was selected for the infiltration due to his similar age with One.

    During Adamus's infiltration, One appears as a ghost and controls what memories Adamus sees. After Adamus' three-year coma, One still appears as a ghost in Adamus' mind.

    She convinces Adamus to switch sides and try to help Number Two and Number Three although both Adamus's attempts fail.

    Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore (epub)

    She continues to appear to Adamus, who survived the events of "The Fallen Legacies", in the "Lost Files: The Search for Sam" but her ghostly image is slowly fading away. She tries to convince Adam to find the Garde but fails to convince him.

    When her condition worsens Adam attempts to save her by returning to his kind in Ashwood. After a failed attempt to be infiltrated into One's memories, Adam finally succeeds after One convinced him to "go out swinging".

    One reveals that there was no way to save her and that she needed him to see the real side of his family so that he can go join the Garde.

    She also gives Adamus her legacy and shares a kiss with him after he professed his love for her, strongly hinting that she has feelings for him also, and fades away forever. In The Forgotten Ones, her memory lives on through Adamus, who misses her and acknowledges that while she may be gone, he will fight on for her.

    She was known to have tan skin and long blond hair, which Adamus notices as he "checks her out". Her Legacies include: Terric - With this Legacy, a Garde can emit seismic vibrations, allowing him or her to create highly controlled earthquakes.

    The Power of Six: Lorien Legacies, Book 2

    Telekinesis - Like all Garde, One can move objects with her mind. Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability. Because of this, the Mogadorians found and murdered her in London, England. She was too young to have had legacies. The post read "Nine, now eight, are the rest of you out there?

    Seven almost responded, but decided against it, wisely as it turns out. When the posting was deleted just after Two was killed, they had assumed the Mogadorians deleted it. Adamus had tried to help Two by posing as a Loric. However, even when Two learns that he is a Mogadorian, she doesn't attack him because she believes he is there to help her. Adamus' brother, Ivanick finds Two and Adamus he believes that Adamus was trying to trick Two and stabs Two in the throat with a dagger, killing her.

    Even though she was only twelve years old, Two displayed an addiction to reading all kinds of books, in "The Fallen Legacies", when Adamus is trying to rescue her she questions him on a lot of books, Adamus then finds in her packed bag more books.

    In The Fallen Legacies, it is revealed that Three was found when someone noticed his scars on his ankle. Adamus tries to tip off Hannu when he recognizes Hannu as a Loric due to his high socks which cover his scars, but Ivannik interrupts Adamus's attempt when he is invited to play basketball by Hannu.

    Three manages to get out of the shack just as the Mogs got in. He ran at incredible speed while a Piken chased him. He made an amazing leap over a cliff onto the other side, but the General was waiting there. He choked, then stabbed Three in the chest. Three was defiant until the end, telling the General he would never win. In The Fallen Legacies, it is revealed that Ivanick, Adamus's adoptive brother, was the one who saw Three's scars, which led the General to him.

    Three's legacies included: Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability. Three used it to run away from the Mogs and jump over the ravine in the first book. Telekinesis-It is possible that he inherited Telekinesis like all the other Garde or he might have been too young It is unknown what other legacies he had although he might have had enhanced agility.

    Number Three is portrayed by Greg Townley in the film adaptation. He is described as being a fit, very attractive young man with dark blonde hair. He has four circular scars on his right ankle, symbolizing the three dead Lorien children, and a scar similar to the pendant all the Lorien children wear, signifying the charm that protects them. John falls in love with high school junior Sarah Hart in the first book. Four also has a friend named Sam Goode who travels with him and Six in a search for his father who he believes to be a prisoner of the Mogadorians.

    In The Power of Six he develops feelings for number Six as well, although these subside in the third book, and his feelings for Sarah take over. At the end of the second book, Four and Nine go North in an attempt to find Six and Seven and Ten and Crayton, although they don't know that Ten, Seven and Crayton are with Six at the time, as she went to save them from a few hundred Mogs. It is revealed in the third book that he may be the Garde who inherits all of Pittacus Lore's powers, with Nine and Eight as the other two possibilities since they all have visions about Setrakus Ra, the Mog leader.

    In The Fall of Five , he locates Five and brings him to the penthouse. As he wakes, the Mogs attack and take Ella. After the fight, John meets Adam. Even though John is suspicious of him, He takes Sam's and Malcolm's word about Adam and recruits him. He fought the General and was almost killed by him Adam saved him by killing his own father. John gains more respect for Adam and convinces him to keep his dad's sword.

    John uses his Healing power to full extent to save the senator to try to get him to expose Setrakus Ra. However, the fleet arrives. John and Nine arrive at Setrakus Ra's presentation and exposes him for what he is. When a Piken almost killed John, Sam saved him by using his own newly developed telekinesis.

    John's grandfather had this power. In recent books, he's been using it to create fireballs to throw at enemies. Telekinesis - The ability to move objects with one's mind. All Garde have this legacy, it takes John a much longer time than average for his to develop. Anima - John's first legacy: The ability to communicate with animals. Although technically his first legacy, he discovered this Legacy later, near the end of the book one. Healing - John's third legacy, developed at the end of the third book when Sarah is gravely injured and dying.

    Marina Seven has a healing ability as well, but while John describes his as a spreading warmth, Marina feels an icy shiver. Ximic - allows him to copy every legacy. Just like Pittacus Lore. He finds out in the end of The Fate of Ten. Enhancement - All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and durability.

    Number Five[ edit ] Number Five or Cody is the oldest of the nine. In Rise of Nine Number Five is seen by Six in a fantasy that she creates while in an abandoned grocery store in New Mexico, desperate for food. She sees Four, Five, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten all sitting with her at a large table as she prepares a meal for them all.

    Five is seen socializing with Nine, talking about the places they had been and seen. Later Five gets up and retrieves a chocolate cake for all of them to eat. Five was likely on a plane traveling over Brazil, landed in Jamaica, and might be crossing the Atlantic Ocean. In "The Fall of Five", Five is found after burning his symbol into a corn field.

    After reuniting with the Garde, He tells them he buried his chest on an island off the coast of Florida in the Everglades, so He, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine go to retrieve it. Once there, Five reveals himself to be a traitor, having been working with the Mogadorians ever since his Cepan died of a disease. He attempts to kill Nine but instead kills Eight who teleported in front of Nine to save him by stabbing him through the heart, fulfilling the prophecy which was thought to be avoided.

    He was then attacked by Seven, who develops a new Legacy, and takes out his eye. In Five's Legacy, he is thirteen years old with a skinny build and long hair. He lives on an island with Albert whose real name is Rey, and eventually develops the power of Telekinesis. When Rey dies, Five stays on the island for a while until he sets sail.

    His destination is for Martinique, but he ends up flying to South Beach, Florida. He meets a cute girl named Emma and they work together as pickpockets. Eventually, they meet a Mogadorian ally named Ethan.

    Ethan makes Five who is under the alias of Cody and Emma work for him. One day, a job in a warehouse goes bad and Five uses his telekinesis to attack Emma's brother and a few other men. Emma knocks Five out with a pipe, then Five is taken under the care of Ethan. Five and Ethan spend the next year living in a luxurious mansion.

    One day Five discovers that Ethan is working with the Mogadorians. Ethan reveals that they have Nine in "custody". Five later goes to an FBI building with Ethan the next day. He meets a Mogadorian who gives him a folder with the picture of the person he must kill to join the Mogadorians. The book ends there.

    In Five's Betrayal, the person he must kill is Number Nine in order to prove himself. He was even tested when he was made to kill Emma, but still passed letting her live when he decided to make use out of her brother.

    During Nine's escape with Four, Ethan was severely injured from green lava. Also, Ethan is believed to have helped in Nine's escape, so Setrakus Ra has him kill Ethan to prove himself. After killing Ethan, Five makes preparations to infiltrate the remaining Garde. Also, he finds a letter from Ethan stating that he'll probably be already dead because he is no longer useful, but that Five should continue to live on; putting himself first before anybody else, including Setrakus Ra.

    At the end of the book, it is revealed he plans to get the other Garde to join, except for Nine, whom he holds a personal vendetta against since his escape caused Ethan's death. Five is regarded the Mog's "most valuable asset", their secret weapon double agent, etc. He somehow knew they were there, saying he's sorry. He allowed them to take Eight's body, killing Commander Deltoch in the process.

    He later arrived on the Anibus with Setrakus Ra and Ella, who is now engaged to him. Five was used as a guinea pig to test out Ella's Dreyen power. Right before arriving in NYC, Five was feeling sick and tired of conflict, so tried to escape the ship with Ella. However, Setrakus Ra intercepted him, dubbing him his greatest and last mistake. During the fight, he was using his Externa without his two balls, revealing that his previously empty eye socket is now being used as a storage space.

    Read The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies Book 2) PDF Online

    When Ella's Telekinesis almost throws Setrakus Ra off the ship, Five stabs Setrakus in the shoulder, but it turns out Setrakus Ra's charm on Ella transfers all of his injuries to her. Unhurt, Setrakus Ra grabs, beats, and hurls Five off the ship. Five recovers in arrives where John and Nine expose Setrakus Ra, knowing what will happen to Ella if they try to kill him.

    He is last seen fighting Nine at the end of Revenge of Seven. He is last seen on an abandoned island. Avex - Ability to fly Externa matter absorption - Ability to take on the qualities of whatever he's touching, i. Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Five can move objects with his mind.

    Compared to the rest of the Garde, his Telekinesis appears to be the strongest as he was able to subdue Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine. She is perhaps the most developed in both battle technique and military strategy of the Garde we have met thus far, due to the need to fend for herself for the last three years, but is a close tie with Nine.

    Six is described as beautiful, with long black hair, olive-toned skin, hazel-blue-green eyes, high cheekbones, a wide mouth, and being two inches shorter than Number Four.

    In The Rise of Nine preview she bleaches her hair blonde. It is later revealed that she was once called Maren Elizabeth, though Four and Sam still call her Six.

    In the third book, Six and the others discover Eight and try to have him teleport to New Mexico, but are separated. She also meets Sarah, who was also held captive, and understands that Sarah was truly the one for Four and did not turn him in.

    The girls are reconciled and mend their friendship. During her confrontation with Ra, he transforms into her and has Six pinned up on the wall covered in a black rock. After the Garde, except for Five, manage to hurt Ra, Six escapes her prison and reunites with her friends, swearing to kill Ra the next time they see him. Six meets Nine for the first time. In The Revenge of Seven, Six has to keep Seven and Nine on a tight leash, as they are filled with rage following what happened to Eight.

    Later on, it is revealed that she and Sam are becoming more romantically attached to each other. After Eight's body is possessed by Lorien itself, she argues with them to do something about the Mogadorian Invasion in recompense for all their hardships and sacrifices. However, he survives only to be cut down by her later in united as one. Her Legacies include: Novis - Her first Legacy, developing in a Mogadorian dungeon, which she used to escape. It can also be used to turn other people and objects invisible via touch.

    Four's grandfather had this power. Sturma - The ability to manipulate the four basic elements fire, water, earth, and air. She tells this to Number Four in I am number four when they cremate Henri, and she manipulates the previously lit fire. She can also channel this Legacy to control the weather, which includes air pressure, strength and velocity demonstrated in The Fall of Five during the training session.

    Due to writer Jobie Hughes leaving the series, and partially James Frey changing some details throughout the series, many people have been confused with Six's Legacies being Weather Manipulation. Storm clouds starting to generate unnaturally above her, as the scar for Two was burning her flesh. Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Six can move objects with her mind. Number Seven[ edit ] Number Seven, or Marina, is a few months short of the age of 18 years and she is described as being tall with a lean build, with long dark hair and solemn, thoughtful eyes.

    They have lived at the Santa Teresa convent in Spain for the past 10 years. She becomes best friends with seven-year-old Ella in The Power of Six when Ella was brought to the monastery.

    The Mogadorians apparently located her long ago, as John finds a note saying that she was being "trailed in Spain", but due to the number-order, she could not be attacked until the charm was broken or One through Six were killed. Her beliefs are confirmed by Six. Marina finds him attractive and ends up having feelings for him, hinting a love interest for her.

    They discover a cave of drawings that reveal past and future events, one of which showing Number Eight being stabbed in the chest, which upsets Marina. After Crayton is killed by an ambush by Mogadoriens, Eight uses his teleporting ability and escape, but end up separating from Six in the process, appearing in two different areas.

    They met up with Four and Nine in New Mexico where they find the entrance to a secret base and try to rescue Six from Setrakus Ra, but are tricked by him as he takes the form of Six and stabs Eight in the chest, causing one of the drawings to come true. Once getting back their powers from Ra, Marina is able to save Eight from death and she shares a kiss with him.

    The book ends with entire Garde, except for Five, banding together to escape the underground base.

    In "The Fall of Five", she and Eight start developing romantic feeling for each other. However, Five reveals this true colors, wanting to kill Six and Nine, but offering Seven and Eight to join. When wanting to kill Five when he was alone, Five allowed them to take Eight's body, when it was ordered to deliver Eight's body and pendant to Setrakus Ra, She let her hate go, stating that he is lost and alone.

    She kept Eight's body close, even taking it to the Mayan temple, Calakmul. She helps begin the process of restarting Lorien, which in turn, appears to be resurrecting Eight. However, it was actually Lorien itself, stating that Eight was lost and his body can't hold him for long as it begins to crack. After Lorien is finished with its speech, Eight did seem to come back to life and he and Seven shared a kiss, only afterwards, Seven falls into despair when Eight's body dissolved into light.

    However, Seven sensed that Lorien was already spreading it gifts and that the Garde aren't alone anymore. When she uses this power, an icy cold sensation runs through her fingers and body.

    Noxen - She has the power to see in the dark. She tells Six that she has it in The Fate of Ten. Submari - Marina discovered she could breathe underwater when she almost drowned in a lake. Glacen - The ability to manipulate, create and control any type of ice, Seven shows in The Fall of Five that she was radiating cold, which made Five shiver, and his tears freeze.

    She used this Legacy against Five after he killed Eight by making large icicles shoot out of the ground, one of them impaling his foot and another ripping out his eye.

    Also in The Fate of Ten she turns the rain created by Six into hail and slams them into the Mogadorians.

    Telekinesis - Like all Garde, Seven can move objects with her mind. Like Nine, her speed is greater than most Garde. She can run as fast as a speeding car. He's already developing powers, such as Telekinesis, as he was seen moving rocks with his mind. Eight is one of the most powerful Loric so far, after Nine, and has deep emerald green eyes with long, black, curly hair.

    Locals think he's the Hindu god Vishnu reincarnated, apparently because he can change his appearance into that of beasts and other beings. Crayton also mentions that he could be the chosen one who inherited Pittacus Lore's powers thus all of the legacies and can kill Setrakus Ra. Eight was originally named Joseph and also possesses a heightened intuition which acts as a sixth sense. This is shown in The Rise of Nine when Eight can feel that Six is in New Mexico, though it is unconfirmed whether or not this is one of his Legacies yet.

    After Five is revealed to be a traitor, a fight ensues and Eight, teleporting between Five and Nine, protects Nine from Five's attack, but is stabbed in the heart, killing him.

    This fulfills the prophecy that was believed to be avoided, he is after encased in a solid block of ice by Marina, when she'd tried to heal him. He is the only member of the garde to die out of order. Seven was very protective of his body, wanting to give him a proper burial. When the team begin to restart Lorien, Eight appears to be resurrected.

    However, it was actually Lorien itself, using his body, which won't last long. When Lorien was done talking, Eight seemingly was brought to life and he and Seven shared a kiss. However, Eight's body dissolved into light.

    His Legacies are: Teleportation - had the ability to move to a different location instantly. Morfen - the ability to shape-shift. Book 1 pegged him as much more loyal. Aspiring writers may not like that this book doesn't have just one author Pittacus Lore is an alien and that this series was meant as bait for Hollywood studios, not as great teen lit. Too bad for them that the adaptation of the first book turned out how it did.

    Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about how this series is written by a team and not by one person. Could you tell while you were reading? Do you think there's an advantage to working with someone to write or would you rather a work be your own with your name on it? Families can also talk about John's decisions that endanger his friends.

    Do you ever get upset with characters you like in books because they do something stupid? Are you happy when they learn their lesson? What if they don't?

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