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Greatness Is Upon You Eric Thomas. Searching for many offered book or reading source in the world? We provide them all in layout type as word, txt, kindle, pdf. to read online? Had you get it on various other web links else? Attempted to obtain Greatness. Is Upon You Eric Thomas by Learning as pdf, kindle. Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation - Kindle edition by Eric Thomas, Bob Proctor. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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Eric Thomas Greatness Is Upon You Pdf

Look for ppt, txt, pdf, word, rar, zip, and kindle? Why not? Obtain them right here, now! greatness is upon you eric thomas pdf - site s3 greatness is upon you. Greatness Is Upon You Eric Thomas written by Learning is available in word, pdf, ppt, txt, zip, kindle, and rar. Greatness is Upon You book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

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Information changes situations. Avoid being your own enemy. The difference between those who succeed and fail: not taking advantage of opportunities. You are the executive director and screenwriter of your life. At some point in life you have to face your fears.

Success is never on discount!

Greatness is never on sale! Greatness is never half off! Greatness is never on discount! Stop the blame game. Stop looking out the window and look in the mirror! The dream can be had by anyone. The memory — must be made. What you envision in your mind, how you see yourself, and how you envision the world around you is of great importance because those things become your focus.

Roosevelt has taken particular and rather unnecessary pains to explain that he was not a Socialist, that he was trying to support the profit system, which by the way, he defined incorrectly.

In his last message to Congress his attack was not upon the profit system but on the sins of big business. What Mr. Roosevelt and his brain trust and practical political advisers did to such of the Socialist immediate demands as he copied at all merely illustrates the principle that if you want a child brought up right you had better leave the child with his parents and not farm him out to strangers.

Reformism Some of it was good reformism, but there is nothing Socialist about trying to regulate or reform Wall Street. Socialism wants to abolish the system of which Wall Street is an appropriate expression. There is nothing Socialist about trying to break up great holding companies.

We Socialists would prefer to acquire holding companies in order to socialize the utilities now subject to them. There was no socialism at all about putting in a Coordinator to see if he could make the bankrupt railroad systems profitable so they would be more expensive for the government to acquire as sooner or later the government, even a Republican party government, under capitalism must.

Roosevelt torpedoed the London Economic Conference; he went blindly rushing in to a big army and navy program; he maintained, as he still maintains, an Ambassador to Cuba who, as the agent of American financial interests, supports the brutal reaction in Cuba. While professing friendship for China, he blithely supported a silver download policy of no meaning for America except the enrichment of silver mine owners which nearly ruined the Chinese Government in the face of Japanese imperialism.

Let us see. We Socialists have long advocated unemployment insurance or unemployment indemnity by which honest men who cannot find work are indemnified by a society so brutal or so stupid that it denies them the opportunity to work.

This insurance or indemnification should be on a prearranged basis which will take account of the size of the family. It should be Federal because only the national government can act uniformly, consistently and effectively. What did Mr.

Greatness is Upon You

Roosevelt give us? In the name of security, he gave us a bill where in order to get security the unemployed workers will first have to get a job, then lose a job.

He will have to be surge that he gets the job and loses the job in a State which has an unemployment insurance law. He will then have to be sure that the State which has the law will have the funds and the zeal to get the money to fulfill the terms of the law.

This will largely depend upon whether it proves to be practical and constitutional for the Federal Government to collect a sufficient tax on payrolls so that 90 percent of it when rebated to employers to turn over to the State officers will be sufficient to give some kind of security to those who are unemployed!

We do insist not upon talk but upon action to re-house the third of America which lives in houses unfit for human habitation, which is possible given the present state of the mechanic arts in a nation of builders.

The administration, having spent billions of words, not dollars, on housing with little result, is now turning the job over to private mortgage companies. Would not Al Smith or Alf Landon do the same? But even if Mr. Roosevelt and the New Deal had far more closely approximated Socialist immediate demands in their legislation, they would not have been Socialists, not unless Mr. Smith is willing to argue that every reform, every attempt to curb rampant and arrogant capitalism, every attempt to do for the farmers something like what the tariff has done for business interests, is socialism.

Not only is it not socialism, but in large degree this State capitalism, this use of bread and circuses to keep the people quiet, is so much a necessary development of a dying social order that neither Mr. Smith nor Mr. Hoover in office in could substantially change the present picture or bring back the days of Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland or Calvin Coolidge.

Greatness is Upon You

What Roosevelt has given us, and what Republicans cannot and will not substantially change, is not the socialism of the cooperative commonwealth. It is a State capitalism which the Fascist demagogues of Europe have used when they came to power.

The thing, Mr. Smith, that you ought to fear is not that the party of Jefferson and Jackson is marching in step with Socialists toward a Socialist goal; it is that, unwittingly, it may be marching in step with Fascists toward a Fascist goal. I do not mean that Mr. Roosevelt himself is a Fascist or likely to become a Fascist.

Eric Thomas (motivational speaker) - Wikipedia

I credit him with as liberal intentions as capitalism and his Democratic colleagues of the South permit. I call attention to the solemn fact that in spite of his circumspect liberalism, repression, the denial of civil liberty, a Fascist kind of military law, stark terrorism have been increasing under Democratic Governors for the most part — in Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and, of course, in California, where Mr.

Roosevelt did not even come to the aid of an ex-Socialists, Upton Sinclair, against the candidate of the reactionaries. I repeat that what Mr. Roosevelt has given us is State capitalism: that is to say, a system under which the State steps in to regulate and in many cases to own, not for the purpose of establishing production for use but rather for the purpose of maintaining in so far as may be possible the profit system with its immense rewards of private ownership and its grossly unfair division of the national income.

Today Mr. Roosevelt does not want fascism; Mr. Hoover does not want fascism; not even Mr. Smith and his friends of the Liberty League want fascism. The last-named gentlemen want an impossible thing: the return to the unchecked private monopoly power of the Coolidge epoch.

Must Abolish the Profit System All the gentlemen whom I have named want somehow to keep the profit system.

Eric Thomas

Socialism means to abolish that system. In America that dictator will probably not call himself Fascist. He, like Mr. Roosevelt in his address to Congress, will thank God that we are not like other nations.

But privately he will rejoice in the weakness of our opposition to tyranny. Under the forms of democracy we have not preserved liberty. I dare you!

You only get 24hrs! And the cell phone is not bringing you nothing but a bill! To wake up when you know you supposed to wake up! It goes deeper than going without sleep because you might miss the opportunity to succeed.

No, no, no! No weekends! No Holidays! No Birthdays!

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